Maddalena Carrai

Maddalena Carrai is 24 years old, a beautiful smile adorned by shyness. And a Leghorn accent that always will remain, as she says. Like that tan, typical of who was born and lives a stone’s throw from the sea.

Maddalena is from Livorno. She studied graphic design in the Academy of Florence. Already while studying, he saw some of her illustrations used by Lady Gaga, for her world tour.

Pop is her source of inspiration: she realizes T shirts with pictures of John Lennon or Amy Winehouse. She has created a picture book for children on the theme of the Vespa, and collaborates with major international medical journal, the World Cancer Magazine.

“In the world, art is necessary . Imagine a world without pictures, no paintings, museums … What would it be?”

Discover the Shopper

A practical and roomy Shopper, made in soft calf leather.
Thanks to its size accompanies you during business days, university or in your travels.
It is portable by hand or shoulder and the closure is with zip and a Safety closure that characterizes the line.
Inside it is organized with two open pockets and a notebook pocket 13 ”